Saturday, 27 April 2013

I dream that we'll always be together in electrical dreams

“Vlasta is reproaching to me that I am a dreamer. It means that I do not see thing the way they are. No, I disagree, I do see things the way they are but except for seeing the visible things I also see the invisible ones. Imagined ideas are not something useless. There are precisely these that turn our houses into homes”

 - Milan Kundera, The Joke 

And there are precisely our dreams that turn our planet into a wonderful endless universe to explore and awaiting to be discovered, into that void of endless beauty and marvels surprising us at every step. Whether we take a walk in our surrounding neighborhood or catch the plane to go and check on some interesting sites on the other side of the planet, our dreamy eyes turn the space into a place – our place, our home, our universe of wonders and amazement!

Allow me, please, to tell you what I am dreaming about… I dream about a world where we all walk freely, srns the world into our neighborhood and our neighborhood into a whole world infused with life and wonderful surprises. It would all be so lonely if not reaching out for one another! And it would all be so boring to explore it for ourselves!

I dream about living in a world where people have differences, as differences bring that diversity that makes us wonder even more, triggering thirst for knowledge. But I equally dream about a world of dialogue, as through dialogue we reach for one another, share and, so, find out even more about the world we live in, building a marvelous world of knowledge.

In this imaginary world of mine, people love to debate (using as many arguments as one can and always come up with findings that encompass all sides and facets, turning shadow into light and grey to green or brightest colorful way of living, as some of the most hidden secrets in life reside in all these paradoxes … for instance, I had this revelation while visiting what they call The Grey City. While lodged at Travelodge hotel in Aberdeen, lying on my bed, looking at the ceiling, I reflected at the marvelous day I had just had in this wonderful place that you might think it is gray and boring, if judging from its nickname. Not at all! Amazing gardens of a greener than green, many lively parks; as for the granite buildings, these are all works of art and wonders of architecture and style! After all, Mies van der Rohe had a point when stating that 'God is in the detail', as details make the difference that brings the many shades and twists of living, pimping it up at every step! 

And so, I keep on dreaming, enjoying my dream-life experience, as this is precisely what gives me hope and keeps me on going! I dream of seeing people caring daily about each other and about the dreams they drive them through. I dream of the world where all of us people want to achieve exactly what they dream of, in the pursuit of happiness that is inscribed into the mere act of living. What would be of the world today if, for instance, electricity had not been just another dream that so many worked for and for turning it into a palpable reality, so that the whole world and generations to come could live in light and comfort! A dream changed the perspective of time, as it brought daylight into the night and it shed light on many matters that would have stayed in darkness otherwise. A dream turned into facts brought the whole world together! As, due to an electrical dream, railways were built and a whole network changed the perspective upon space. It all got closer, we all got friendlier, eager to share and dream together! Now we have airplanes, and, as the title of the song states it, “we'll always be together in electrical dreams”.

A dream came true is a joy for the whole world and only a dream came true brings change. As for the dreamer, his joy is to share, as fulfillment and satisfaction are being acquired only by sharing dreams, hopes and nice feelings. Cheers!


  1. hey i saw your post on google+... this is so lovely! it's a wonderful reminder of why we need to keep traveling x

  2. Thank you for your nice words Amelia :)