Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Singing in The ... Shower: 5 Great Songs to Make Your Day!

Fabio Armiliato - To Rome With Love, Woody Allen
Remember the all-time classic American musical Singin' in The Rain, from 1952 starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds? It is one of the best musicals ever made. But don't bother if you do not remember the musical, this is not the point. For sure you know the melody of the song... it goes like “Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo-doo...I'm singing in the rain, Just singing in the rain/ What a glorious feelin'. I'm happy again” ... and it goes on! It makes one happy even about the sometimes inglorious feeling of singing in the rain, when it happens to rain for real and not in the movies, when it just happens to always rain on you, uncontrollably.
But what about singing in the shower? What about that glorious feeling? Aren't we happy again when we get under the splash of water, clean away the dirt of a day out working, walking, sweating or, why not, singing in the rain ... there is nothing like a good old shower accompanied by the best practice for an indeed happy and ... musical life, which is: singing in the shower.

Here is a compiled list of the best songs to accompany you during your shower experience, making your everyday life better due to the melody, to the message and due to the process itself. After all, it is all about having fun! Whether you are the happy owner or user of one of those truly modern and even futuristic models of Mira showers or you are still having your showers in the barrel just like in the old days, your life will certainly improve by trying out the following tunes (if you haven't done so already!), which will put that big smile on your face and give you a kick forward!

1.                  Daft Punk – Get Lucky!

"We're up all night to the sun,
We're up all night to get some.
We're up all night for good fun,
We're up all night to get lucky."

Regardless of the moment of the day, this song is going to put you in a good mood ... for partying and having fun. I would especially recommend to keep the tune for the weekends. The side effect of singing it is that you are going to feel as if in the bar or the club already while under the shower still. Next step that will come naturally to you will be to go out there, dancing and flirting. 'Get lucky' puts you in the mood for cocktails or dancing in the sand like no other song.
Or maybe, there might be just another oldie, but goldie, that could give a similar effect...

2.                  The Andrews Sisters – Run and Coca Cola

This song makes me feel just as if I am already by the beach sitting at the bar in Hawaii. And when you think of it, it fits perfectly well the setting: being sung under the shower. You can close your eyes and be transposed by ways of imagination directly in Hawaii. Enjoy!

3.                  Julian Cope – Greatness and Perfection of Love

Still, there is nothing like ... "The greatness and perfection of Love Love Love". What better message of a song to start your day with!? "Take your place and take your time and that's what matters" – some wonderful lyrics that, if sung every morning under the shower just like a mantra, might even turn you into an even lovelier or lovable human being! Why not!?

4.                  Herman's Hermits – No Milk Today

Still, there is an old proverb saying that love first passes through the stomach. And, since it all comes to that, it all comes to ... milk. The perfect way to cheer up in the morning in case you wake up alone, aside from having ran out of milk already, is to sing this wonderfully melodious song, while even taking your shower cold. Sometimes, humor is the best way of coping with realities...

5.                  The Beta Band – Dry the rain

"I will be alright, I will be ok .. Lalalalalal lalalalala" – this is what I usually like to sing under the shower, especially on rainy days. Since I personally like summer and all that sunshine, I'd rather think of something more positive than even singing in the rain, which in my case is to ... Dry the rain! I will be alright, I will be ok ... lalalalal lalalalalalal.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Greece, Cyprus, Turkey –The Perfect Summer Fun Destinations

There is no bigger punishment for one than that one of finding oneself in the big city during the hot summer month of August. The city seems just like a prison for the free spirit that might feel like wondering around or flipping and flopping in the Mediterranean sun. In case you feel somehow punished and kept prisoner in the big city, then it is time for you to fly away. And what better destination for a summer escape and for unleashing your senses than the Mediterranean? And the choices you have come in plenty!

Santorini, Greece
Credit:  Jeka World Photography on Flickr
Corfu, Greece
Credit:"DirkVandeVelde trying to catch up" on Flickr

Credit:  Rick Muusers on Flickr
Credit : elsa11 on Flickr

Credit:   matt.hintsa on Flickr

First, there are the Greek islands. Whether you choose one of the refreshing and green Ionian Islands (Zante, Lefkas, Corfu, Kefallonia or even Ithaca) or the whiter than white Aegean Islands, you will not be disappointed. Zante is worldwide famous for its Navagio and for the Caretta Caretta turtles, usually spotted in Laganas. But if you go to Laganas, you will also be impressed by the party spirit of the place and its youthfulness – perfect for a summer getaway! Lefkas has perfect beaches, such as the world class Porto Katsiki, with its perfect stripe of white sand lying by the impressive cliff and the turquoise waters. Vasiliki is the ideal place for wind surfers. As for the gourmands, I'd recommend a visit to the village of Agios Petros just five kilometers away from Vasiliki; there is the perfect tavern awaiting there with the most awesome food and it is called Balkonaki. Enjoy the flavors! If you are in for an even larger dose of natural beauty and sandy beaches in all colors – including red sand! - then Kefallonia is the place! Fiskardo and Assos are places not to be missed for those who want to go wine and dine by the Mediterranean Sea. For the more sophisticated, there is Corfu with its cultured beauties awaiting for be admired and cherished, aside from the regular sun & fun that is by default included in the package. As for those of you who are into the most refined whiter than white experiences, there are the Aegean islands standing as the epitome of an ideal summer experience. For those who enjoy partying and socializing at maximum, there is Mykonos. As for the romantics, they will always have Santorini, with the most impressive sunsets and most gentle waters!

Ancient kourion, Cyprus
Credit : Ru Lochleaon Flickr
Aphrodite's Rocks, Paphos
Credit: ProPhoto.com.cy on Flickr
Sea Caves of Ayia Napa
Credit: KOSTAS GEORGIOU on Flickr

Another summer paradise lying right next to the Greek islands on the map is Cyprus. The wonderful Cyprus is easy to reach at anytime and from anywhere due to the affordable flights that take you there swiftly. The beauty and diversity of the island does not stop surprising its visitors. No wonder its waters are the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Ancient Greek goddess of beauty and love! These are among the best waters around the Mediterranean. Paphos is the place that manages to bring together myth and contemporary fun, as it is considered the exact birth place of Aphrodite. Whomever is on a quest for love and beauty won't regret going to Paphos. As for all that Dionysian summer fun, well... that's to be found at Ayia Napa, which has in store a real bacchanal of the sense, Ayia Napa is one of those places that can equal Ibiza or Mykonos when it comes to summer fun and partying on the beach – all day and all night! So, what are you waiting for! The party has already started! You cannot miss all that fun!
Olympos Turkey
Credit:  Laine Markus on Flickr
The Blue Lagoon
Credit:  artemisia_martin on Flickr

Antalya, Castle
Credit: Annette Elisabeth Rudolph on Flickr

Nevertheless, if that sort of laid back attitude got deeply into you and you already do not feel like moving a finger during your summer holidays, then I could only recommend you the Turkish Riviera. Antalya is worldwide famous by now not only for its natural beauty and the coastlines blessed with the clear waters of the Mediterranean, but also for the perfect all-inclusive services. If you just want to get out of the city walls and find yourself on the perfect beach and on the perfect beach bed, drinking the perfect cocktails and indulging in all that perfect food that comes in plenty, then the Turkish Riviera is definitely what you are searching for. And if you somehow feel adventurous, you can simply rent a gullet and go explore the coastline, swim wherever you feel like and indulge. What is for certain is that even on the gullet you will be surprised by the same high quality of the services offered. Turkey is already famous for spoiling its visitors with everything: it's the all-time all-inclusive heaven!

So, what are you waiting for!? Summer is not waiting for longer! It's August and now's the time for summer fun! Whether it's Greece, Cyprus or the Turkish Riviera, you will not regret it! Have fun!